Our story

What started as a one man journey has now become a mission to scale profits of 2 million small medium enterprises across the globe. Are you a startup or small medium enterprise? Do not miss out, contact our sales team now, we endeavour to get the best solutions for your business.

When the world was reeling under lockdown, QWIKBANNERS was born during a four day hackathon out of the study.

Received rave reviews from its alpha testers during a closed private release. Most of the startups and small business owners opted in for the free trial.

Courtesy the love showered by our small & medium business users, QWIKSTUDIOS TECHNOLOGIES was incorporated, with a mission to empower them with SaaS products and help acquire more customers.

QWIKBANNERS launched in public beta, acquires 1000 users.

Revenue begins.

QWIKMETRICS launched in closed private release.